Case Study

8000 teachers choose Velawoods English in Thailand

The Project
Velawoods English teamed up with Thai Information Publishing System as part of a government-funded project to develop English language communication skills of government employees. The first stage of the project targeted teachers before rolling it out to other government agencies throughout Thailand.
The Training

Over a period of 9 weeks, 8000 teachers/learners attended over 50 workshops in 8 cities across Thailand; Bangkok, Chonburi, Kalasin, Loei, Nakhonphanom, Nongkhai, Sakonnakhon and Udonthani.

The full day workshops included a presentation in the morning on ‘English for Communication Skills Development in the 21st Century’ by renowned English language experts. The afternoon sessions included  lively and engaging demonstrations of the Velawoods English course, application and registration process.

The Results

As the training programme concluded for the year, Velawoods English was the third most selected course from over 1,460 available courses. In the Northeast region of Thailand, it was the number one most selected course in terms of registered users.

The programme also received a 4.2 out of 5.0 overall satisfaction rating.

Learners’ Research
We asked a sample of 237 learners to tell us about their learning experience using Velawoods English and here is what they said:
  • 99% said that it improved their English.
  • 97% said that it gave them more confidence to speak English.
  • 97% said that it helped them with their English vocabulary & grammar.
  • 83% said that the learning was easy.
  • 95% said that they liked being part of the Velawoods story.
  • 90% said that they would like to continue learning English with Velawoods English.
  • 89% said that they would recommend it to a friend.
What the Learners said

“It is a very good experience. Thank you very much. It's fantastic for me.”

“I had fun and got more knowledge, especially with pronunciation practice”

“It is a very fun English course, not as boring as other courses. Thanks for creating and developing this useful application. It is good and useful for beginners and the ones who would like to practice English speaking skills, especially specific words and common conversations used in daily life.”

“I have confidence now to speak or interact with others more. Thank you!”

“Easy pronunciation of vocabulary. I understand more grammar now. The dialogue is very easy to understand. If you make a mistake, you can play it again. “

“I’ve used another course, it was not as fun as the Velawoods English course. The lessons are interesting and engaging. Thank you!”

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