The only English course designed with a highly interactive and immersive learning experience and aligned to internationally recognised qualifications.

All Skills

Complete English Course developing all your language skills: listening, reading, writing, speaking, grammar and vocabulary

Certificate of Completion

Receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of each course

International Qual & CEFR

Courses are aligned to the CEFR & internationally recognised English language qualifications

Personalised Feedback

Continuous personalised feedback and progress reports

Unlimited Speaking Practice

Builds speaking confidence with unlimited practice using state-of-the-art Carnegie speech analysis

In-Course 3D Teacher

In-course virtual teacher to explain key languages points

Real Life Situations

Personalised real-life situations in a highly interactive 3D environment

Learn English Easy

Innovative design to make self-study learning easy

Effective Learning

9 out of 10 learners say that Velawoods improved their English

Anytime, Anywhere

Learn anywhere, anytime

Any Device

Compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices

All ages

Suitable for all ages from 10 to 60!

What People Say


Bought to help me prepare for my English exams and I passed!!!


Great online course and works very nicely on tablets, wish all online courses are like this. Highly recommend it if you want to learn a language in an innovative way. 


It really is a great way to learn, and the content is really useful. Works great on iPad and PC, and I have also tried it on a Mac. The content is very good compared to other language learning software; it is one of the better quality courses out there. I would certainly recommend Velawoods English to anyone who wants to learn English in an interactive and different way.


I loved and enjoyed every minute. A nice and refreshing way of learning a language.


Bought it to help my son with his English at school. He really loved it and he became more confident in speaking and his grammar and grades improved!


It was easy to download and install. No CD! Very useful especially with the speech analysis to help with speaking! It is great fun as well!


Simple to use and easy to learn! Each lesson has a great real-life story.  Would recommend!


Hong Kong

I liked that it did not have a CD, just had to download it from the website and install. My daughter, 15, really liked it and loved the animation, great visuals and stories. She said it was like watching a fun TV series and learning at the same time.  Glad that she spends time using this on her tablet instead of watching music videos 😊!


Great Course! Very interactive and very engaging!



It is a very enjoyable way to learn English without realising how much time is passing.

I recommend it especially to those who want to use English in a multicultural work environment.


United Kingdom

I bought to help my friend learn English. She really liked it and then her husband also bought it to start learning with her. It was really engaging and helpful for both of them. So, I got her the Pre-Intermediate course also.


Perfect! Really Liked it! A simple way to learn, with things we use on a daily basis.


After the Beginner course I also bought the Pre-Intermediate course. Since then, I have noticed how I became more and more self-confident with the pronunciation of various words and complete sentences. The story and the different characters make learning fun and interesting at the same time. I recommend it!


It’s what I always wanted but never found. So good!


Excellent team helped me in a tremendous way, really impressed from the service. Also, excellent learning from the app! Best for learners! Keep it up guys!

Available on Any Device

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